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The Importance Of The Brake Pads And Brake Discs For A Racing Car

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The machines offer rallying are all wonderful thing. Every piece, every component thing, each and every bolt serves the greater purpose of enduring this ruthless sport. However, this perfect coexistence wouldn’t be possible without the endless hours of rigorous testing necessary the engineering, design and manufacturing of these components.

Taking a deeper look, the braking system is arguably the most important part of a race car. 

From the calipers, rotors, brake pads and even the fluids used, each of them plays an integral role in slowing the car down.
In rallying, the brakes are used for more than just reducing speed. The driver uses them to rotate and point the car to help carry momentum through the corners.

However, in order for the drivers to make it through each and every corner with the necessary precision and reliability that is expected at the top tier of rallying, the proper components must be used. This is where the importance of brake pads comes in.

For over 20 years, king-racing performance has been at the forefront of brake pad and brake disc design and technology.

And the racing industry, partnering with customer, was instrumental in their success in the early stages , which in turn led to all the success established in both the circuit racing and Of Road Worlds . Racing on a loose surface adds a whole new degree of complexity to the creation of the proper brake back. With dramaticaly less tyre grip, it`s impossible to rely on just friction alone.

Racing car

To slow the car, finding a balance between modulation, wheel pedal travel and friction is needed for the car to feel balanced and easy to drive. The minus long mix and late too, typicaly DTC 30 or HP plus, is best suited for rally. They both excel across a broad thermal range while simultaneously offering detailed driver feedback through the brake pad.
When dancing at the limit of grip, proper modulation is a necessity. In contrast, a tarmac race cars brake selection will be influenced by its weight, drive train and tyre .
What the best performing break for your carpet? That does not mean you always need the most aggressive brake pad. A trophy truck is trying to stop 200 pounds of rotating mass on every corner , many the incredible friction that a DTC 80supplies . However, that same pad will overpower even the fastest of miatas .Most Rd course cars will end up using a combination of DTC 6070.

which are often split between axles to help the trail braking or ABS interference. For those of us who are not racing and just need reliable brakes for the streets, king-racing provides the HBS 5.0 which offers the best performance possible while still maintaining the noise and dust limitations you expect from a straight bag. For top tier performance without the dust Performance, ceramic offers the best of both worlds.

At the end of the day, this is just a single component among the thousands that make up the machines we see on the road every day. From the extreme ruggedness of rallying to the smooth flowing pavements of the street, hop performance has been with us every step of the way to provide the best brake pads and brake disc, no matter the use.


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