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Client Say:

I purchased King Racing Brake Pads five years ago and they are only now due for replacement! In my opinion, the brake manufacturers produce high-quality products.

Alison Housten, (Business Client )
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Client Say:

In our shop, we’ve been using KingRacing brake pads for a few years now. Made in China, the products are always of the highest quality. You can’t get much better than that.

James Washington, ( Business Client )
Client Say:

The brakes are incredible! I drove my trailer for a week with no fade or noise. We are pleased with KingRacing. They are very professinal in Braking products. 

Garry Larsson, ( Business Client )
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Client Say:

Thank you for providing high-quality KingRacing braking components. We have installed at least 500 sets and have received no complaints! Continue your excellent work!

Branden T., ( Business Client )
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Client Say:

I own a small shop in Whitby, and ‘KingRacing’ is always my first choice for premium options. I adore the product!

Branden T., ( Business Customer )
Client Say:

Great product, very happy with the quality and the warm hospitality from KingRacing people.

Thomas William, ( Business Client )

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