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Single-component casting high-carbon brake disc with full-surface coating to protect against corrosion!High-performance

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Brake disc for new and common BMW and MERCEDES BENZ models.

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Brilliant aesthetics that stand the test of time

KINGRACING has opted for a single-component brake disc for BMW and MERCEDES BENZ applications in order to ensure resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Different from other manufacturers which produce brake discs made from a combination of aluminium bell and cast-steel friction ring, the KINGRACING brake disc is manufactured from a single steel casting, which makes it possible to coat the entire surface of the brake disc and prevent corrosion. The result: long-lasting, brilliant aesthetics.

Powerful performance in a new appearance

As one of the leading manufacturers of automotive spare parts, KINGRACING takes its responsibility very seriously: KINGRACING brake discs are tested and certified in accordance with the ECE R90 quality standards and thus conform with the most stringent safety standards and OE parameters. With the new KINGRACING brake disc, KINGRACING offers once again a reliable brake partner for optimal performance – even in the new design.

High carbon – high class

The high-carbon KINGRACING brake discs are more heat-resistant than conventional discs: a higher percentage of carbon makes the brake discs more torsion-resistant. They can withstand higher temperatures and prevent thermal vibrations. Even in the new design, this reduces noise and oscillations, whether in everyday or extreme situations.

KRING RACING short no. OE no Application
KR4638 34106797606 BMW 3 (F30, F80) 2011/03-
BMW 3 Gran Turismo (F34) 2012/07-
BMW 3 Touring (F31) 2011/07-
BMW 4 Convertible (F33, F83) 2013/10-
BMW 4 Coupe (F32, F82) 2013/07-
BMW 4 Gran Coupe (F36) 2014/03-
KR5859 34116860909 BMW 5 (G30, F90) 2016/09-
BMW 5 Touring (G31) 2017/03-
BMW 6 Gran Turismo (G32) 2017/06-
BMW 7 (G11, G12) 2014/10-
BMW X3 (G01) 2017/07-
BMW X4 (G02) 2018/04-
KR4843 222 420 04 72 MERCEDES BENZ S-CLASS (W222, V222, X222) 2013/05-
MERCEDES BENZ S-CLASS Coupe (C217) 2014/04-
KR5965 34112283385 BMW 3 (E90) 2004/02-2011/12
BMW 3 Convertible (E93) 2006/05-2013/12
BMW 3 Coupe (E92) 2005/01-2013/12
KR5966 34112283386 BMW 3 (E90) 2004/02-2011/12
BMW 3 Convertible (E93) 2006/05-2013/12
BMW 3 Coupe (E92) 2005/01-2013/12
KR5004 0004212512 MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS (W205) 2013/07-
MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS Convertible (A205) 2016/06-
MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS Coupe (C205) 2015/10-
MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS T-Model (S205) 2014/09-
KR6008 1674211101 MERCEDES BENZ GLE (W167) 2018/10-
MERCEDES BENZ GLE Coupe (C167) 2019/11-
MERCEDES BENZ GLS (X167) 2019/04-
KR5832 2474211000 MERCEDES BENZ A-CLASS (W177) 2018/03-
MERCEDES BENZ A-CLASS Saloon (W177) 2018/09-

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