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King Racing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supplying brake parts for kinds of vehicles, including brake pads,
brake shoes, brake discs, etc. A professional manufacturer is here for you. Our vast product line of over 3500 items brake pads, 1200 items brake shoes and 5200 items brake disc. All products are suitable for passenger vehicles such as sedans, light vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, as well as various other types of motorized vehicles.
Complete Braking Parts Supply Chain

Full model, it can integrate industry resources, covering 90%.

Fast response & Reasonable Price

Reply within 24 hours, Reasonable price, & Fast Products Developing.

Rich Industry Experience Since 1998

Experienced in the field of vehicle braking parts over 24 years.

Sufficient Production Capacity

17 brake pads production lines, and 33 brake disc production lines.

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Experienced in the field of braking parts over 24 years with 17 brake pads production lines, and 33 brake disc production lines.

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