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High Carbon Brake Discs-KR5317

High Carbon Brake Discs-KR5317

Classification: High Carbon disc(Standard Disc,Partial coated,Full coated,Geomet coated,Drilled and Slotted)
Origin: Shandong, China.
Machining: Turning, grinding
Color: Gray, black, metal, gold
Brand: Private label, customized label
Transport Package: Box, carton, pallet, bulk
Anti-rust Methods: Oiled, painted, coated, zinc dust
Material: Gray Iron, High Carbon, G3000, GG15HC, DIN, SAE
Certification: IATF16949, ISO14001, ECE R90, AMECA


Corresponding Model:

KR5317 4102509900

Car Models That High Carbon Brake Discs Is Used For:

Brand Model Year
TESLA MODEL S (5YJS) 2012/09-
TESLA MODEL X (5YJX) 2013/09-

High Carbon Brake Discs Dimensions:

Front and Rear Axle Front Axle
Diameter 355 mm
Brake Disc Thickness 32 mm
Minimum Thickness 30 mm
Centering Diameter 70 mm
Height 70.7 mm
Number Of Holes 5
Pitch Circle Diameter 120 mm
Solid Or Vented V
Weight 13.23 kg


High Carbon Brake Disc

Performance and advantages of high carbon heat-treated brake discs.

  • Higher hardness

The hardness of the high carbon heat treatment brake disc is HRC38-48, and the friction coefficient is higher than that of ordinary brake discs, which can provide a faster brake response.

  • Excellent strength

The strength of the high-carbon heat-treated brake disc is more than two times that of the ordinary brake disc, which can ensure strong braking stability at high speed.

  • Better wear resistance

High-carbon heat-treated brake discs are made of high-purity carbon, which can greatly improve the wear resistance and service life of brake discs.

  • Better high-temperature resistance

High-carbon heat-treated brake discs have better high-temperature resistance and are high-performance brake discs that can still be used normally under extremely high-temperature conditions.

  • Lower noise and vibration

The manufacturing process and material optimization of high-carbon heat-treated brake discs can effectively reduce noise and vibration during braking and improve driving comfort.

How to choose the right high-carbon heat treatment brake disc

Selecting the appropriate high-carbon heat-treated brake disc needs to be carried out according to the use of the vehicle and the driving environment. In general, if you are constantly driving on the highway or driving a sporty model, choosing high-carbon heat-treated brake discs can provide greater safety and driving comfort.


High carbon heat treatment brake disc is a high-performance brake disc with excellent performance and advantages. Choosing the right brake disc can greatly improve the safety performance and driving comfort of the vehicle, but the selection needs to be considered according to the actual use of the vehicle and the driving environment.


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