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How To Find The Best Brake Pad Manufacturer/Supplier?

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Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of brake pads in China? Because you want to purchase brake pads for sale, or your car brake pad needs to be replaced. Finding the r suitable brake pad manufacturer will make things easier for you in the future. But the process is never easy for finding a suitable brake pad manufacturer. Most brake pad purchasers want to get it, but only a few purchasers can get it.

How to find the best brake pad supplier or manufacturer?

You can find the answer in the article.

It will help you to find the best brake pad manufacturer.

Brake Pads Type

There are a few things you need to know before purchasing brake pads.

One is the type of brake pad.

It will help to sell in your market.

There are the main types of brake pads.

1. Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads

The main materials of carbon-ceramic brake pads are carbon fiber and ceramic fiber. It is very light in weight.

The significant advantages are increased brake response speed and reduced brake attenuation, high thermal stability, no thermal vibration, extremely comfortable pedal feeling, improved handling, and high wear resistance.

So, carbon-ceramic brake pads have longer, it produces almost no dust.

This formula is mostly used in modified cars and high-end cars, mainly because of the high price.

2. Organic Brake pads

It is made of composite materials such as carbon, glass, rubber, fiber…Often referred to as asbestos-free organic (NAO) brake pads.

Organic brake pads are generally quieter and softer,the disadvantage is their relatively short service life.

Usually, you can find organic OEM brake pads for light luxury vehicles.

3. Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are mainly made of ceramic materials and copper fibers.

It produces very low dust, runs quietly, and is durable and friendly for discs.

Although it can withstand high temperatures, it does not work well in colder conditions.

Ceramic brake pads produce cost is expensive as metal brake pads.

Many low-cost braking forces on the market may be significantly less than TRW, BOSCH, BREMBO, TEXTAR, ATE, and KINGRACING brake pads such as high-quality compounds.

Ceramic brake pads are generally suitable for Japanese and Korean vehicles.

For European owners who desire brake pads that are incredibly low-dust, robust, and stable, ceramic brake compounds are the ideal option.

4. Low-metallic Brake Pads

Low-metal brake pads are also mainly made of steel wool as the main friction material, mixed with more carbon and graphite, as well as ceramic fibers.

That is, it focuses more on the comfort of brake pads based on the semi-metallic formula, but it is almost difficult to distinguish them from traditional semi-metallic brake pads in appearance.

It solves the problem that the original semi-metallic brake pads prefer “damage to brake disc”, so European comfort cars prefer brake pads in the low-metallic formula.

5. Semi-metallic Brake Pads

Semi-metallic brake pads are typically made of a variety of metals, including copper, iron, steel, and graphite, and bonded to high-temperature resin.

They are often used as OEM solutions for heavy-duty vehicles because of their ability to last longer and reduce friction – which helps heavier cars, trucks, and SUVs stop more efficiently.

These are the main types of brake pads.

Once you’ve found a brake pad manufacturer, you can tell them which type of brake pad is required.

Benefits of Sourcing from the Best Brake Pad Manufacturers

Why Why do we spend some time looking for reputable brake pad manufacturers in China?

What are the benefits of doing this?

Here are some of them:

High-quality brake pads: It helps you open up sales in the market, with the resources you offer the best brake pads on the market.

Cost-effective: Cheaper brake pads allow you to find more customers in the market, reduce procurement costs, and you can get them from good brake pad manufacturers.

Best customer service: The best brake pad manufacturers will do everything to keep customers happy. Will help customers solve all problems.

By choosing Kingracing, we will solve all the problems.

Where Can I Find The Best Brake Pads Manufacturer In China?

Till now, you already have some understanding of sourcing brake pads.

Here’s how to find the manufacturer of brake pads

You will think of the Internet. Yes, The internet will help you find a reputable brake pad manufacturer.

Here are some ways to find a reputable brake pad manufacturer in China:

1. Online Search

You can search for the best brake pad manufacturers in China on Google or other search engines. To locate results that are relevant, use these keywords.

You can also check out business directories such as Alibaba, Made in China, and Gascars.

2. Industry Associations

You can also contact industry associations such as the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association.

They can provide a list of well-known brake pad manufacturers in China

You can find the brake pad manufacturer from the list.

3. Trade Shows

You can also attend trade shows related to the Chinese automotive industry, For example, Automechanika Shanghai.

These trade fairs are a great networking opportunity to meet brake pad manufacturers and learn about their products and services.

4. Finding Brake Pads Manufacturers Through Referrals

Referrals can help you find a reputable brake pad manufacturer faster.

But where to get productive referrals?

From your friends, colleagues and your family.

You can ask them if they have imported brake pads from China

Are they satisfied with the quality of the brake pads after receiving them and the manufacturer?

You can also help you recommend through the Chinese manufacturers.

Or you can go through some social networking sites, For example, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.

Please find much information as possible about the manufacturer before making any purchasing decisions.

The following is how to help you better understand brake pad manufacturers.

How to identify the best brake pad manufacturer?

Once you’ve chosen a brake pad manufacturer, the next step is to find out if the manufacturer is what you need.

You can learn from the following:

1. Visit Factory

Ask your brake pad manufacturer to send you some information about the company.

Know the age and scale of the plant, and the degree of automation.

For the formulation of research and development capabilities, that is, the strength of the factory.

2. Brand

Learn more about whether the factory supports the host and cooperates with the big after-sales brand(Brembo, ACDelco, Bendix, TRW, TEXTAR, ATE, NAPA, AUTOZONE, CENTRIC, POWERSTOP, ADVANCE KngRacing, etc.)。

If it is affirmed, it means that the strength of this factory is no problem.

This is what we call brand effect.


The next step is to understand the manufacturer’s quality.

You can start with some internationally recognized certificates, For example, INTF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, COP, AMECA, and LINK.

If these manufacturers have them, you still don’t feel comfortable with the product.

You can ask them to provide samples for testing (lab test or in-car test).

If these are OK.

4.Development Capability

Here’s what we need to know about the manufacturer’s development capabilities

If you don’t have good development skills, it will be a disadvantage for you to face your marketing later.

The development of new models is fast, which is beneficial for your promotion in the market.

The above is advice for you to choose the best brake pad manufacturer for you, and we hope to help you.

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