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Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs Description

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Carbon ceramic discs for King Racing, designed direct replacement for OEM brakes, replace it and use it immediately.

Run at low temperature and extending operating life and providing better performance.  

King Racing uses the most advanced technology to create braking systems with ultra light material, which are able to quickly evacuate the temperature and improve braking performance in the highest braking demands.

In the case of the carbon Brake discs used in sports car brands equipped as standard or as an option, this type of material and use in its manufacturing process a discontinuous technology and cut in its manufacture, King Racing durable and effective carbon disc, in addition to extending its useful life in all conditions and temperatures of use.

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King Racing, carbon brake discs, which offers the best performance for high-end sports vehicles that use their sports vehicle to perform batches in circuits (track day), competition teams or simply the habitual use of your vehicle by road.

As main features, we can highlight:

  • Lighter weight up to 70% compared to Steel Disc.

  • Less noise and vibrations when braking.

  • Increase braking performance in all conditions.

  • Excellent braking, both dry and wet.

  • Longer life and less wear.

  • Possibility of rectifying the disc up to 5 times.

  • Free of corrosion.


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