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Disassembly of brake disc

  • Check the damage of suspension and brake components
  • Instead of defective parts
  • Remove the caliper
  • Ensure no tension load is applied on the brake hose.  
  • If required,uninstall caliper bracket,
  • Remove brake disc.
remove brake disc

Derusting and cleaning the wheel hub

  • Thoroughly clean surface rust from wheel hub mounting face.
  • Derust wheel hub and clean thoroughly.
  • Check the brake anchor plate and wheel hub mounting surface for damage.

We suggested checking the mounting faces for true running using a dial gauge and stand.

Lateral run-out should not exceed 0.04mm. In case it does we recommend installing a KINGRACING wheel hub.

cleaning the wheel hub

Installing the new brake disc

NOTE: Always change the brake pads along with the brake discs.

brake discs:

  • Remove the corrosion inhibitor from the new brake disc using a suitable cleaning person
  • The new brake disc must be entirely free of residual grease!
  • If necessary, Position the new brake disc on the wheel hub and secure it.

KINGRACING brake discs:

  • KINGRACING brake discs come as ready-to-be-installed assemblies. They do not require cleaning and/or degreasing.
  • NOTE: Do not change the anti-corrosion coating of the KINGRACING brake disc.
  • If necessary, position the new brake disc on the wheel hub and secure it.
position brake disc

Post-installation testing

  • Measure brake disc for lateral run-out at approx. 15mm from the outer disc edge.
  • When installed, lateral run-out should not exceed 0.13mm.
  • Use appropriate tooling.

NOTE: Always change all brake discs and pads per axle! Always change brake pads along with brake discs (for instructions see right-hand column).

brake disc installation

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